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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

If it wasn’t clear before that digital was the way of the future, it couldn’t be clearer now. The pandemic has jolted anyone who thought otherwise into adapting and jumping onto the bandwagon. Businesses that had not embraced digital have been seen going to lengths to update their processes in a situation that is seemingly do or die. It is no longer difficult to imagine a world where everything is completely digital. Everything including the good old tool of the business world – the business card. L4, a technology company, is leveraging the power of digital to help scale businesses in Africa and around the world to the next level, through the disruptive approach and innovation of the eCard – the new digital Business cards and theHuB – where businesse sreach you, instead of you chasing the businesses down. “It is a digital disruption that is changing how we navigate the business world and you do not want to be left behind. Everyone who is interested in not only how they represent themselves and their business but is also looking to get more people to know who they are, MUST experience the new business frontier that the eCard presents.” – Manny Rosenblum, Founder of L4. Adding more value to the eCard, L4’s founder hints at the soon to be released core of this innovation, theHuB, a mobile application that he describes as being revolutionary, one that he can hardly wait for its release. The eCard, easily described as a digital profile, is everything you would have on your physical business card and more. Name, contact details, business details, links to websites, images of your business, the list is endless. Easy to share and update, the eCard eliminates the limitations of physical business cards giving users control of the information that they share and what’s more, it’s free! On signing up for the eCard, users, both individuals and businesses, can update all relevant information and can share the same on request via any online platform that is convenient. Whether it’s via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram – the eCard is accessible to anyone who receives it allowing them to have access to any information that they would be looking for. The eCard works together with L4’s soon to be launched mobile application, theHuB, a virtual railroad business enabler that allows businesses and customers to connect and interact. A major advantage is that eCards do not get lost. Not only do they not get lost, they are ALWAYS updated, down to the last piece of information. One no longer has to pen down additional information as it is with physical business cards on which holders are notorious for scribbling at the back of the cards. Enough times, individuals find themselves collecting business cards meaning to reach out to someone only to lose them days later if not hours later. What is worse is that they actually had the intention of reaching out and now they have almost no way to do that. An internet search only proves successful if the individual or business they are searching for has an up – to – date website that makes it possible for contact. Even then, one will have to commit some time in their day to carry out the internet sweep and hope that they don’t end up down a rabbit hole that essentially translates to lost time. Having an eCard helps users to avoid going through all this trouble. The eCard and theHuB are taking business communications to new heights. It is an elevator pitch on the next level. It not only allows brands to communicate with their audiences but also allows individuals to let the card do the talking when looking to enhance awareness for themselves and their businesses.

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