L4’S Transform your customer’s experience with eCard & afriHuB solution

Got stuck with lots of unused business cards? Feel that they don’t really express who you are?

Well, that’s because No one is exchanging business cards anymore and much less during the Coronavirus pandemic.

How then can individuals and business share their details with potential business partners, customers and even investors?

I have recently been introduced to eCard. And fell in-love. WOW.

Sure, one can send links to their websites and LinkedIn profiles and then follow those up with a call to give more information, but what if they didn’t have to? What if all one had to do was share an eCard? What is it? , well , it’s a… and ….. and…. It has it all.

Its your digital profile, and contains every bit of information that the other party would need.; it include your contact details, your social media links, pictures, links, articles, and much more. L4’S eCard solution gives users exactly that! A fast, easy and convenient way to tell one everything they need know at the touch of a button.

Businesses are especially set to benefit from this solution that allows them to have access to their customers and share information with them thus increasing their brand visibility and enhancing awareness.

Once a business obtains and updates their eCard, they are able to share these with customers through WhatsApp, Email and even Telegram. Customers can then go ahead and save these profiles on L4’s mobile application, theHuB( I have seen an early version – CRAZY, really CRAZY) , as well as share them with friends and family. The sharing of eCards can be seen as a boost to third party advocacy for brands such that, on top of telling someone about a business, one can also share all information about the business at a go.

Imagine a past customer wants to recommend your business and services to a friend who will be in the area. All they have to do is share your business eCard and your potential customer has everything they need to know. Your location and address, contact details, images and even existing offers that you may be running that they may benefit from. All this without having to spend extra time looking for more information about your business – they have it all!

“Connecting” with your customers has never been easier! Through L4 technologies. eCard and (yet to come) theHuB, businesses and private communicate business opportunities and marketing information. THIS IS NOT A yet another SOCIAL APP. Its all about business exposure and on-line business opportunities. Its all about, getting to know the other side online. This is a business-customer interaction on steroids. A solution every business needs.” – Manny Rosenblum, Founder of L4.

L4 gives businesses three eCard options based off a subscription model. The Light, Professional and Enterprise subscription packages each come with different features allowing a business to select the option that best meets their needs.

Customers now no longer have to worry about forgetting a businesses’ details or having to take screenshots that only flood their image gallery, in order to save information. All they need to do is simply save all the eCards on theHuB and access them anytime, anywhere even without Wi-Fi.

Businesses on the other hand, have a chance to ensure that they enhance top of mind awareness with their audiences and at the same time drive traffic their way through relevant communication that pops up on the customers’ mobile app as notifications.


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