afriHuB version 1.1 - Its all about the customer

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

eCard changes immediate notice.

  • We have added changes notice to eCard. Each time, an eCard is changed, a red star will appear on the right side of eCard and updated eCards will appear first.

  • In the menu, you will see the number of eCards that has been changed.

Marketing power enhanced. We have made some viewing changes, to enhance and empower the marketing force of afriHuB:

  • Real-time marketing. All sales messages, that have up to 5 hours left, will be displayed first. So, businesses can use that tool, daily, to push people to come to their stores and businesses and be on top of things.

  • UNREAD messages are first. No need to swipe for them. Sales messages, that are unread, will appear first in the list, to ease the view of them.

  • Notice on the afriHuB logo. If any change happened in the app, a red dot will appear on the afriHuB app LOGO. So, you will know: it’s time to open afriHuB and see the changes!

  • Categories. Now, you can look in the categories (are you a Pizza lover? Go and see the Pizza category). If something was changed in any of the category-related messages or eCard, RED DOT will appear next to category.

Automatic Sync. NO NEED TO SYNC manually. Sync is done automatically every 15 min.


BOOST SEARCH abilities. Categories changes. We have added three (3) categories:

o Shopping mall

o Business Card

o Private Business Card

All 3 will appear on top on you search-by-categories option. This will allow you, for example, to look for “fashion stores” businesses, or “lawyers office” etc., as well as look for a private lawyer’s/doctor’s business card.


o We have added a BLOG to our system. You can see our thoughts, our ideas about afriHuB, video and descriptive information on HOW TO use afriHuB to your best benefit.

o Immediate access to our BLOG. Also, a red dot, will appear, to indicate that there is new content for you to view.

COMMUNICATION WITH eCard owner / Sales message. You can now send a message (WhatApp, Telegram etc) directly to the eCard owner regarding his business or regarding a specific deal.

Ease of registration. You can now register using Google or Facebook.

Increase your Social behavior. Much easier share ability, with floating icon. Share eCards, share coupons with friends, on Facebook, on Telegram or any other app you choose.

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