How to place a message

why to

place messages?

messages , of any type, are your tool to reach out , in an immediate way, to your customers and / or potential customers.

any message, is being sent to afriHuB

who gets the message?

is u have decoded, that only your ecard holders will get it, fine. you can also decide that everybody gets it

what is the time issue here?

you can decide on the time period, of validation, for your benefit. that is, you can increase your customer attention, by creating immediate, 2,3,5 hour validation for special discounts. this will put their attention to your business deals, online. BUT, these deals must be GOOD, because, if they are not, its wolf-wolf-wolf... they will stop paying attention to your deals.

but, if your deals are serious, they will keep

searching for you.

use your customer's impatient "digital age" approach.

send them sales opportunities, short, focused, and narrow time intervals.

this will bring them to your door .

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