How to : get more awareness.

the basic thing about MARKETING and more VISIBILITY, getting NOTICED.

here is 1-2-3 , on how do you do it on afriHuB.

  1. SHARE your ecard as many times possible, to as many people. 3 ways to do it.


  3. get your ecard to your afriHuB eCard list ( see blog about it, with movie) , and get it it to your FAVORITE

  4. click on Favorite icon

  5. choose your ecard

  6. click on SHARE (blue icon , right bottom corner)

  7. use MY CARD on menu

  8. click on MY CARD on the menu; your eCard will come up

  9. go to bottom of screnn

  10. choose how to share, email, WHATAPP , SMS.

  11. talk to people, to download afriHuB and register


  13. generate MESSAGES . use afriHuB to get InTouch with all afriHuB users ( or just your ecards holders). each time you do it, afriHuB users will notice you on the FIRST LINE

  14. make eCard "small" changes .every time you make a change to your eCard , you get noticed on afriHuB.

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