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Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Business owner:

As a business owner with an eCard, you can now set times offers for your clients.

Imagine a restaurant had a happy hour, or an attorney realises that Thursdays he has time to take on quick consultations at a reduced price.

Think of all the slow business hours you could activate with a timed offer. Timed offers have two distinct advantages.

One is that they bring in new business because everyone loves a discount.

Two is that they bring in volumes. Would you rather have a large pice of a small pie, or a small pice of several pies? More is better, of course.

eCards now allow you to set timead opportunities.

Attract your customers NOW.

Surprise them with ADD HOK opportunities.

CONSUMER - afriHuB user : Follow the clock.

( top right corner of a message)

As an afriHub user, you deserve great deals and first right to discounts as and when they arise. Check your app for the clock on the top right hand side. When you see an offer you can either take advantage of, go for it. That's your reward for being an afriHub user. If the offer is for something you might not require at the moment, share it. Let some of your friends get in on the action. We love our community and are definitely proud of sharers. Help spread the good word whenever the offers are available.

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