first steps in afriHuB


our first steps in afriHuB should be to get familiar with the initial options, of how to use afriHuB, what to see and how to get most benefits quickly.

afriHuB has two main components:

  • eCards

  • message

eCard are digital business cards that had been shared with you, or you have QRed them, or you have searched for them, either on afriHuB or our general search engine.

each eCard , you can choose if to save it to you HUB or not.

Messages when you are a afriHuB user, immediately you become a member of our ZONE and you will receive ( while syncing you afriHuB) ALL business opportunities and sales offerings, that have been posted to the ZONE.

the message can be viewed in two tabs; My Messages and whats HOT.

  • My messages are all messages that have been posted, by eCard the that you have saved to your HUB. (see - how to save top my afriHuB)

  • whats HOT are ALL messages of ALL ecards that are in our ZONE but you have decided not to keep them in you HUB .

what can they be? they can be messages from NEW BUSINESSES that u do not know yet

or , messages from businesses that have new offerings.


start by viewing WHAT HOT , to see the business offerings that are out there.

flag ecards that you have received or searched, to include them in your HUB. (see - how to save top my afriHuB)

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