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DIGITAL MARKETING disruptive technology.

Changing your marketing thinking

It’s like riding a carriage when you can take a jet.

L4’s eCard is set to change how people interact in the business world. However, what every business owner should really be looking to do, is leverage L4’s soon to be launched, mobile application, theHuB. As a virtual railroad business enabler, theHuB is a platform that allows businesses and customers to connect and interact.

“Any business owner knows that having access to your customers is key in realizing sales. Our platform not only provides access to customers, it does this without the customers feeling like a business is being invasive or asking for too much information.” – Manny Rosenblum, Founder of L4.

In a bid to get more information about their customers, businesses rely on tools such as emailers with lead forms that prompt customers to share their information. Such action gives customers a chance to unlock deals, discounts and other promotional items. Through this information, businesses can then retarget their audiences and share content to prompt interaction.

While effective to an extent, success is not guaranteed. Today’s conscious customer is vigilant about the use of their data and will think twice before sharing it with just any business. At the end of it, it is possible that instead of generating leads, such methods result in warding off potential customers.

TheHuB, however, overcomes these challenges. Key in driving theHuB’s acceptability is that it leverages mainly on third party influence where users share amongst themselves a businesses’ eCard. It is also able to bypass invasive perception barriers, as a business has the chance to interact with an already engaged customer whom they can then propose and share the eCard with. On saving a business’s eCard, customers consent to receiving information from the businesses through push notifications.

With access to theHuB, businesses can send out information which they are assured is received instantly by anyone who has their eCard. What is more is that the content format on the platform is not limited. Users can choose to share their content in text, image or even video formats. This way they can tailor make content that appeals to their target audiences and is likely to generate customer interest and engagement.

TheHuB also gives business users a chance to amplify their communication efforts at no extra cost. This minimizes the need for an elaborate budget and gives businesses that didn’t think they could afford marketing, a chance to reach larger audiences with their message.

Take a case where a restaurant is looking to advertise their newly introduced happy hour. The restaurant can share this targeted information to already existing and interested customers through theHuB with the same updated on their social media platforms. Not only does the business win in terms of communication efficiency, but customers can also ensure that they get the most out of their interactions with brands by taking advantage of all the offers and deals presented to them.

E-business is definitely the way of the new age and it is definitely made better through innovations such as L4’s eCard and theHuB. Now is definitely the time for businesses to jump onto this new wave and move to the next level.

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