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real-time marketing definition Real-time marketing is marketing performed "on-the-fly" to optimal approach to a potential customer at a particular time. It is a form of marketing research for a given customer sales opportunity, reversing the traditional outbound marketing

The dynamic 'just-in-time' decision making behind a real-time offer triggers customer to act and exploit the opportunity.

FOMO - fear of missing out, is very effective here.

more sales and customers attractivness, is all about the WOW effect.

we, at afriHuB are offering a tool that will WOW your customers in REAL TIME. immedialty when you publish, its in yoiur customers phone.

  1. every sales oppoertunity , coupone or message that you publish, gets to your customers afriHuB immedialtly.

  2. every message is being ALERTED to every afriHuB users, directly, and in real time, through google push notification, thus, appearing in his notification bar.

be even more sofisticated.

we are allowing you, to get coupons, that are time related. what does that mean?

  • small , short time offerings, unique, will encourage potential customers to follow you, continuasly, not to miss any of your offerings.

  • they will folow you, if, you offerings are indeed very good and special. for example: - 25% for this weekend only, is much better then 10% for 2 month. - special this evening only , IS MUCH MORE eye catching then come and see us...

so, since, our afriHuB works in realtime, and any of your posts immediatly appear on your customers phone, you can do it at any time.

when you are creating a new offering to the customer, you can setup a start-time and date, and a end-time and date. so, you can set a specfial offering, unique, for a short period of time, thus, encouraging the customer to follow you closely for those unique offerings.

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