afriHuB user, GET THE MAX OF YOUR afriHuB

follow. folow the business you like, follow their sales messages and follow what HOT .

  1. how to follow? its simple.... 1,2,3

  2. eCard

  3. load to your afriHuB the business eCard ( get it from the business, ask your friend to share it, ask the business to share it)

  4. make it favorite.

  5. My Messages . look constantly, if something is new in your messages. don't miss out deals.

  6. Whats HOT . look for , search, for the categories you like.

  7. clock on the LOGO, and load it to your HUB.

Look for the immediate one's.

from time to time, businesses will issue sales opportunities and coupons with a very limited time slot. ( 2 hours, 3 hours). look for those. this is where the real diamonds are.

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