afriHuB , 5 important things

what are the most important things to know.

Stand out. make use your eCard is i

mpressive, nice logo , good content, good pictures.


think about your customer. think on how your potential customer will look at your eCard and what will it tell them.


Stay updated. keep your ecard updated and informative. as afriHuB knows when u update your ecard, and tells your customer, that something is new, its important that you regularly update your eCard.


let your message talk the talk because your coupons, marketing messages and sales offerings, popup to the customers view, they are the most important tool for you.


Immediate messaging. immediate messaging, is, like , grabbing the customer by the shoulder, and bringing him/her in in a moment notice. be impressive. be innovative. keep them getting back to your eCard to see what is new, so they will not miss anything.

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